Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rogue PvP Needs an Energy Injection

Okay, now it's time for some serious QQ. As this season has progressed I've noticed that the BGs are not a very rogue-friendly environment (they haven't been for a while now, actually). Our usual tactics kind fall apart against high-resil targets, a meaty opponent forces us to stay out in the open longer, but we don't really have the survivability to do so without ending up dead. Seriously, rogues are the squishiest class in the game. There is no other class that's as easy to kill as a rogue. That's why whenever I'm out of stealth for more than two seconds I get destroyed even with 915 resil and a liberal use of cooldowns.

Those cooldowns feel a little outdated. First off is Evasion, and it's pretty much a joke. Almost all classes have magical attacks that simply ignore Evasion, and the one class that doesn't have any gets Overpower so popping Evasion against them is almost as bad as not using it. It also only provides 25% dodge for ranged attacks, which might as well be "25% dodge chance agianst hunters" because there is no other class that uses ranged melee as it's primary damage source. Given the damage hunters can put out we still get detroyed even if 25% of thier shots are missing. Evasion is only really effective against other rogues, but then again what isn't effective against rogues nowadys?

Cloak of Shadows is another joke. I can't tell you how many times I've popped it against a frost mage only to become slowed again a second later. Cloak needs to be a five second Hand of Freedom, I feel that would be more than fair. We shouldn't have to wait for Cataclysm for cloak to be 100%, it should have been that way all along! Five seconds is not a long time...if a caster can't survive a rogue for five seconds then he should either get some more resil or just learn to play.

Probably the biggest problem is that rogues don't do enough damage! Against plate our auto-attacks and mutilates are laughable. On average my white attacks hit for 100-500 damage (and that's considering crits) and my Mutilates are anywhere between 1.5k-3k. That's simply not enough damage for an ability that costs 55 energy, and with the average plate wearer having anywhere between 30k to 40k health it's pretty damn near impossible to kill them when your auto-attacks are worthless, you're mutilates are laughable, and you're basically only using DP and Envenom to slowly eat through their large health pools.

Another problem I see is that rogues are too dependant on our weapons. So much of our damage comes from white hits and Mutilates, which are based off weapon damage. If your weapon isn't up to snuff you simply aren't going to do a decent amount of damage. Even dual-wielding two 264 ilvl weapons I feel like my damage needs a boost, I can't even imagine what it would be like if I was using a couple of 245s or 232s. Casters don't have this problem, their weapons are basically stat sticks that translate into a modest damage increase at best.

Another issue is that Deadly Poison takes forever and a day to stack. Even with 5/5 Improved Poisons I'm lucky to get more than single stack of DP during my Cheap Shot, if I get that at all. I don't like my major finisher being so dependant on rng, and an Envenom with one or two DP might as well just be a Eviscerate. Rogues need a new talent that makes DP stack faster. Maybe when a target is affected by CS DP stack two at a time, or maybe after you apply the first DP stack it begins to stack itself every 3 seconds, so if you get really unlucky with procs at least it will still be stacking.

Point is...rogues are not fine. We need more damage. Better defenses. Better everything. I swear if we don't get some sort of buff in the upcoming patch I'm just going to quit until Cataclysm. I have run into a gear wall, there is nothing else to get without doing ICC hardmodes or getting above 2k in 3v3 and I can't seem to find any decent partners on my backwater realm. There's no reason to play a rogue right now if you don't have access to 277 ilvl weapons and gear, you just don't do enough damage to pose any real threat to almost anyone. I hope all the people QQing about rogues are happy, because it looks like all your tears paid off.

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