Monday, May 23, 2011

All That Controversial Goodness

We continue our slow march towards patch 4.2. Seriously, when is this thing coming out? I've got a green thumb, and I need to grow me a tree in the middle of a fiery wasteland. That's the best place to plant it when you think about it, because it's the last place they'd suspect. Rag is looking outside like "where the hell are they putting that tree?" and it's right under his nose, but Rag doesn't have a nose. Now there's something to think about. Anyways, I thought I'd talk about all the controversial changes Blizzard has been announcing of late. I'm starting to think they're just trolling. Next they're going to announce all tier sets will be sold on the online store, just to see the community implode so they can watch from atop their citadel like a modern day Nero. Hey, I would pay for some Tier 2. Yea, I'm that lazy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ccComboPoints Post Updated

I finally updated my post about ccComboPoints for Cataclysm! took all the way until patch 4.1 for me to do that. Anywho...if you haven't read it you or have read it and were disappointed by the outdatedness then check it out!